Sunday, August 12th

654 Spaces Available

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It’s all about the organics.
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Food Adventure


The farm rest stops showcase the best of local produce and hospitality. Join us and enjoy the bounty of the county!

Meet the Farmers


Sonoma County has world class cycling. Come see what all the fuss is about!

Sonoma Beauty

A cycling and culinary experience like no other!

The Tour d’Organics gives you VIP access to some amazing organic finds in Sonoma County. Savor organic fruit and produce in this destination bicycling event. There are 4 rides to choose from so there is something for everyone – and the thrill is in the journey!

Because the journey is all about the food – fresh and organic food. A rest stop at a local farm? You betch’ya. And just wait until you see the after-ride feast once you roll over the finish line!

Pure Sonoma County bicycle enjoyment

The Tour d’Organics has a ride for everyone. Choose from an easy-peasy 16-mile Family Fun ride, a breezy 30-mile Coaster, a Metric Century Explorer and a solid 100-miler called The Full Bounty.

Family Fun

16 Miles

The Coaster

30 Miles

Metric Century

63 Miles

The Full Bounty

100 Miles