Frequently Asked Questions

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When does the ride start?

It depends on which route you're on. The 100 milers head out between 6:30am & 7:30am. The Metric Century riders are next, leaving between 7:30am & 8:30am. Next are the 30 milers, between 8:30am & 9:30am. The final group is the 16 milers, who start between 9:30am & 10:30am. All riders are out and on the road by 10:30am.

1. Do you have coffee available?

Absolutely -- and the best! We have Taylor Maid fresh brewed coffee all day ... plus we have espresso at the lunch stop (for the lucky 65 and 100 mile riders who need that extra caffeine push to get them through that last 30 miles!)

2. Do you have half-and-half?

Of course! How else to have a great cup of coffee at 6:00 in the morning, right??!!

3. Do you have vegan options? Is this a vegan ride?

Vegan means no meat and no dairy. Our ride started that way, but we've added meat and dairy options to meet the needs of all of our riders. So you'll find plenty of vegan options to enjoy!

4. Do you serve meat/dairy?

Yes. We now offer meat options for the lunch stop and end of ride meal, and every year there's ice cream to be had somewhere (even if it's the Ben & Jerry's).

5. What is the ride elevation gain?

That depends on the route:

  • 651 feet for the 16 mile ride,
  • 1125 feet for the 30 mile ride,
  • 2295 feet for the Metric Century ride, and
  • 4817 feet for the 100 mile ride.
If you are you asking if there are hills in Sonoma County? Yes!!

6. What is the link for Ride with GPS?

If you want an accurate downloadable map that shows our routes, Ride with GPS is the best. We've got all our routes on Ride with GPS.

7. Do you a have a gear drop?

Yes, you can drop your gear at the lunch stop, and then pick it up at the End of Ride meal after 3pm.

8. Where can I buy the farm food?

We invite the farms that are on our route to vend at the after party. You'll undoubtedly be able to buy Gabriel Farm's jams at the after party. As to the rest...that's up to them. Put in a good word for us when you're at each farm tasting their luscious fruits and veggies. Maybe your encouragement will get them to the after party!

9. Do I need to bring cash?

Cash is always good, right??!! No, really, you won't need cash on the ride, but you'll want it at the after party, so you can buy some cool jewelry and ride clothes to take home with you.

10. Does the food cost money?

Food is part of the deal. You ride, we give you food. Really good, local, organic, fresh food! You can buy extra meals when you register on line or at the start/end point for the ride.

11. Does the beer cost money?

Same answer as with the food. You ride, we give you fabulous Lagunitas beer. One beer per person for free at the after party. More beer? We've got lots - $5 for a large frosty cold glass of beer.

12. What is the after-party?

When all the happy riders are done riding, the after party awaits them. Great food, great beer, music, shared stories, and that sweet exhausted feeling that comes from being outside on a beautiful summer day rolling through the countryside. It's a party!

13. Is there music at the after party?

Absolutely! We've got great live music at the after-party. We'll start out with a nice trio for background music, and then we'll move into a if you want, or just listen, relax, chat with friends, and take it all in.

14. Is it safe for my children?

We've got a 16 mile ride that is great for children. So long as they're with you, they'll be safe.

15. What is your road support?

It's the best. We've got SAG vehicles on the roads, Red Peloton as bike marshals, VeloMed (doctors on bikes) ready for emergencies, bike mechanics at most rest stops, and all-star communication handled by our local short-wave radio guys.

16. I'm disabled... Do you have someone who can ride with me?

We wish we had people to do that, but we don't. Our best advice is that you ride with a friend. We've got great ride support, so if you need it, we can always get you a ride back to the after party.

17. How are the roads? Are there any dangerous intersections?

OK...the honest truth is that Sonoma County roads are terrible. Be prepared for potholes and questionable pavement. But it's worth it. We may have bad roads, but we've got incredible countryside, fresh air you can't beat, and the nicest people you'll find anywhere.

18. Do you have the highway patrol involved?

We're happy to report that this is not the sort of ride that needs heavy highway patrol involvement, but we have highway patrol officers at the busiest intersections. They're terrific, and well worth the expense.

19. Do you close down the rest stops? What time do they close?

The rest stops close about 30 minutes after the last rider will be rolling through. The times will be on the route maps.

20. Do you deal with special allergies or dietary needs?

Sure. If you have a food issue, just email us and let us know. We'll figure it out for you (

21. Do you serve meat?

Yes, we embrace all food types (so long as they're into yummy, local, organic, fresh food....).

22. Do I have to sign the release on site?

Yes, we've been advised (pesky lawyers, right?) that each rider has to sign the waiver on-site for it to be enforceable.

23. Do I have to wear a helmet?

Absolutely. Safety first on this ride.

24. What happens if I forget to bring equipment?

We have a bike shop at the start point, ready to set you up with what you need. Helmets, bike shoes, whatever. He'll help you out and get you on the road.

25. What medical support do you provide?

We have an EMT on site at the Main Hall, where the ride starts and ends. We also have VeloMed (doctors on bikes) on the route with you, first aid kits at each rest stop, SAG wagons ready to shuttle you back whenever you need it, and an all-star communications system that means we can act right away if there's a problem.

26. I'm coming with friends who don't ride - what can they do while I ride?

There's a ton to do in West Sonoma County. Shop downtown, walk the Laguna trail, drive to the beach (30 minutes away), go wine tasting. Check out our activities page for other options.

27. Where can I get my bike fixed?

Sebastopol Bike Center is a block from us. Open 7 days. 707-829-2688.

28. Can I get a refund?

We don't do refunds, but how about a transfer? Let's face it, there has to be some wonderful person just waiting to get your spot on our ride, right?

29. Can I transfer my ride registration?

We make transfers easy.. The transfer includes a $15 processing fee plus the difference in cost per route upgrade.

30. Where can I rent a bike?

We have a number of bike rental shops. Try Sebastopol Bike Center (707-829-2688), Spoke Folk (707-433-7171), or Windsor Bicycle Center (707-836-9111).

31. Is there parking at the start point?

Oh yes...we have LOTS of parking. No worries there.... Park the car, and hop on your bicycle for a fabulous ride!

32. Where can I get the route maps?

They're all available online on our website. We've got the traditional basic maps, plus Ride with GPS links.

33. What is it like at the farms?

There's nothing like a Sonoma County farm. Think peaceful, grounding, and calm. Green trees and brown earth, veggies and fruits grown in the most natural way possible, by people who truly care. That's our farms.

34. How are the farms different from regular stops on a ride?

The farms on the Tour d'Organics open their doors to our riders as their special guests, sharing with each of you a very special piece of Sonoma County. The farms are not just rest stops, they are part of the total Tour d'Organics experience.

35. Where can I stay?

We have a lodging list on our website. If you have any problems finding a place, please feel free to email us directly at

36. I'll be in Sebastopol the whole weekend. What can I do Saturday?

Our number one suggestion: spend the day at the Gravenstein Apple Fair. Saturday there, Sunday on the ride - you'll have the perfect West Sonoma County weekend! Check out our activities page for other options.

39. How can I figure out if the ride is OK for my level?

Take a look at the description on our website, and think about the elevation gain for the ride you're interested in doing.