Tour d'Organics Rest Stops

We put an Oh! in the Organic Experience. All rides come with rest stops featuring a great line-up of foods. All our rest stops include foods that are:

The experience in the rest stops goes beyond the food, you'll see some stunning locations that even locals rarely see! All riders stop at Gabriel Farm and the 16 mile Family Ride includes a visit to Traditional Medicinals. Other rest stops for longer rides include Golden Nectar Farm, plus hydration stops at Cumbria Guest House & Garden, Seghesio Winery and Middleton Farm.

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Rest Stop Details

Gabriel Farm

All Riders

Have you ever had fresh pressed apple juice at a rest stop? Once you have, you won't forget it! Gabriel Farm will serve up apples and asian pears, as well as a variety of homemade jams for a gourmet PB&J!

Gabriel Farm is a 14 acre organic farm located in the ideal fruit growing climate of Sebastopol, California. The Farm features 8 varieties of Asian Pears, multiple varieties of Apples, Fuyu Persimmons, Lavender, Plums and many sorts of berries. Gabriel Farm is the definition of a traditional "family farm", this is where we live, work and raise our family. As organic farmers, we are devoted to the idea of sharing the process of raising our fruit with our customers.

Traditional Medicinals

16 mile Riders only

Traditional Medicinals

Traditional Medicinals is a renowned maker of therapeutic, herbal and traditional teas and they boast the world's largest solar powered tea factory.

Traditional Medicinals has always tried to be green - and not just in their tea selection! Co-founder Drake Sadler explains, "Our company operates according to a set of ethical business principles and practices which embrace environmental stewardship, and advocate for social and cultural sustainability and preservation. Projects like our solar installation simply reflect our deep respect for the earth and humanity."

Golden Nectar Farm

30, Metric Century & 100 mile Riders

Golden Nectar Farm

Plumcots, Pluots, Raspberries, Grapes, Apples. A savory treat with Cucumbers or Squash, perhaps some Kale Chips. Herbal Infused Water with Electrolyte salts.

Ana & John Stayton have been the stewards of Golden Nectar Farm since 1997. They have continued its mission as an experimental farm and added an educational component, conducting farm tours and hosting classes, retreats, and community events. They have sought to make the farm one of the emerging creative models of sustainable living, showing that a lifestyle that is caring for the earth is richer and more fulfilling.


Metric Century & 100 mile Riders

Dry Creek Peach

Riders on the Explorer (Metric Century) and Full Bounty (100 mile) routes enjoy a delicious organic lunch stop.

Seghesio Winery

Metric Century & 100 mile Riders

Seghesio Winery

The most breathtaking spot for a hydration stop! Riders on the Explorer (Metric Century) and Full Bounty (100 mile) routes can top off their water bottles and drink in the scenic surroundings of this family winery established in 1895.

A deep respect for the land was just a part of daily life for five generations of the Seghesio family and sustainable farming was formally adopted in 2003. Utilizing the greenest inputs possible they foster the long-term health of their vineyards while maintaining the highest quality hand-farmed fruit.

Extra Hydration Stops

Metric Century & 100 mile Riders

Tour d'Organics Hydration Stops
Cumbria Guest House & Garden - 100 mile Riders

Full Bounty riders can re-hydrate among almost 1 acre of garden and orchard.

Middleton Farm - Metric Century & 100 mile Riders

Middleton Farm has long had a reputation for having the finest of whatever it is they are growing. Located off Westside Road in Healdsburg, Middleton Farm sells year-round at the Sebastopol Farmers Market.