Team Cyclists Wanted!

Tour d'Organics is all about community so we welcome teams with open arms. Teams of 6 or more receive a 10% discount off the ride fee!

When you register, you have the opportunity to register multiple people and create a team name -- so your team can be official or informal. The main thing is to ride with friends and build relationships.

Members of the team do not need to ride the same length. Individually, you may ride different lengths, but you are dedicated together in spirit.

During and after the ride, pose for special team photos!

Starting a Cycling Team

If you don't have a team and want to start one, this is the best time to do it. A cycling team has incredible benefits, strengthening bonds between colleagues and friends. Your team can be work-related, social, school, cycling clubs, health club or any group of riders you want to put together.

If you want to start a team at your workplace, some companies may even provide financial support for your team-building activity.

Note: Team codes may not be shared in public spaces (such as through social media); they are for direct shared use with your personal team only!

How to register your team:

  1. Register your team (6 or more riders on one order) and automatically receive 10% off. (excluding earlybird discount)
  2. Can't register everyone at once? Email to receive a unique team code to share.